WiFi HD - Instant Hard Drive SMB Network Server Share App revisa

iphone 4s

iphone 4s de surekli kopuyor calismiyor yani!



Works great

Can transfer to Linux


Works well. Does what it claims.

Works perfectly

I don't know what the goofy folks in the other reviews are whining about. I would guess they just don't understand networking basics. This app is great! Totally did away with my need for USB thumb drive. Connect phone to wifi network that is same as wired(not isolated and same subnet). I prefer to use the smb server function. Props to the designer for the Many ways to move my files around, Google drive, Dropbox, I can activate a http server on my phone, smb, direct wifi connection, and I'm just scratching the surface. So many folks are blown away when I transfer did and whatnot to my phone without plugging in. Lol...

Can't get a connection to my PC. The developer's website is down.

Can't get a connection to my PC. The developer's website is down. I can't seem to find a way to get support. While the issue may be simple, I don't see a way at this time to request assistance. Maybe this will work. And of course, if things change, I'd gladly revise my review. But at this point, I purchased Wifi HD and just can't use it on Windows 10. Therefore, at this time, I can only give it one star. (Note, even when I click "Report a Problem" within iTunes, it tries to take me to the developer's website, but it says "Service Unavailable." Help?

Doesn't work

I enable wifi in the app . Go to computer, hit the URL shown in th phone. It takes me to screen where I can upload file. I chose the file and hit upload. App crashes.

Wat is it?

I don't no wat das it do dut I love it :)

Donot buy this app

Totally useless app. This is like a tutorial, a guideline. Just ignore this app.

Does not work

Does not upload files from PC. Each time I hit submit button in browser window of PC the iPad mini app exits, no files upload. Folder functionality does not work either. Total crap!


Needs iTunes in order to use... Why would want that heavy bloated program in order to use as usb drive. Wish I could rate - 5 stars.

Great App!

Love this! So useful!!!



Totally Worthless

App crashes when computer connects to sharing folder via Finder.

Very versatile tool

As is, it is very versatile. What would put it over the top, make individual content matter on my ipad easier to map for sharing.


Good app


does not work!!!

How do get the files off the iPhone?

USELESS APP. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! Easy enough to figure out how to get the files into the iPhone. Problem 1) if you create folders you can't put anything into them. Problem 2) once you put files into the iPhone you can't get them off!! The only option is to right click and "save as" and the files saves on your pc as an HTML file. If you try to open that the only thing that opens is the upload folder.

Waste. Worthless

Great description and got me fooled good. I will dispute this silly 1.99 just so you don't think we are all stupid


Don't waist your time or money!


This game is a rip off

Wi-Fi HD Vers 1.2

I tried everything I could think of to load this app but it doesn't seem to work. I'm very disappointed that there is no User Manual or any other type of help for issues encountered with the application. I will remember Apps by SavySoda in the future.

Broken app

Does not read iPhone directories. Nothing available on server except app title


Broken do not buy. Can't download any files from the phone to the px.

Wish I had read these reviews first

This app does not work at all. I wish I could get a refund.

Do NOT Buy.

Does not work. You can NOT see, copy, move, etc. from the iPhone to the PC. sent multiple email and no response.

Does not work

I want my money back does not work waste of money


The only issue I have is that the free version does the exact same thing! In the free version it states that upgrading will unlock more features. What features???

Don't buy


Terrible, want my $2 back

I think it worked once for a small file. Now, on iphone4 it crashes out almost immediately upon uploading from browser. Terrible.


lower right screen pad dot to press to set up categories never appeared


Worth the money

Does not work.

I had high hopes for this app, but I tried everything and the app crashed every time I hit the submit button. I would like a refund.

Crashes every time I submit file..

This app does not work. It crashes every-time I click 'Submit'.

Awesome app!

But how do you get the files off your iphone/ipod touch and on to another computer?


Works exactly as it says. Very simple. Just need the ability to add entire folders. I don't know if this is on the app side or web side. But great app. 


Great app!!!!

What do you get for the paid version?

I had the free version. Was pretty basic. I was prompted to "upgrade for more features" and I did. Looks EXACTLY like the free version. There is no user manual or help either. It sounded like a good app but now I wonder...

Never works, always crashes

I bought this app excited that someone finally developed this feature. WRONG! It never works. There is no website support. It crashes every time I click submit. USELESS!


Does what it says! To delete stuff swipe your finger right on the thing you want to delete. The numbers at the bottom of the screen is what you put in your internet browser on your pc.

It's very helpful.

This is very helpful to me since I repair computers. It works from mac to windows without a problem. It has very high data transfer rates (1MB persecond), which is very nice. I will give it 5 stars once they update it and fix the crashing.

Poor App

It says they have support for this app went to site the app dose not exist on site, Don't bother downloading this app do not work its waste of time


I got this app for free and now they raised the price great app most have!

Someone Help

Ok I got this for free and I deleted. Then they raised the price. And I'm able to write this review. Can I download it for free again


It's a good app but who decided it was worth $1.99? Maybe if u gave it more features... I'm glad I got it free.


It works on the ipod touch also and it is great I can get internet werever I go!

Good idea but can be better

Its a god idea make this but it will be find that we can see our files in the app also it can be find upload many files a time no one by one. I hope that the developers improve it in this way


this app is great but it can use improvement. first i would make it so that the data was password protected by a four digit pin number. i would also add the ablity to email the documents strait out of the app.


Get the "Discover app" instead


Do not get this app. I got it and on the 2nd day i had it, is crashed my whole internet on my iphone. DO NOT GET!!

A really good idea

I gave this a try and the idea is very good. There is a delete function as well. Simply swipe your finger over the entry you want to remove and a delete button appears. It works at the folder level as well. The one thing I would like to see with this would be the ability to access the files once they are loaded to the iPhone. Seems like there isn't much of a point to upload files if you cannot access them.

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