WiFi HD - Instant Hard Drive SMB Network Server Share App Reviews

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Je ne comprend pas trop commnt sa marche^^

Comment ça marche

Apres l avoir instal!!!!!! Nothing!!!! Aidez nous merci


This app does not support large files like 2.5GB!!! And this was no specified in the app description before ive purchase. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

Warum nicht iPod Touch 1. Generation?

Warum nicht iPod Touch 1. Generation?

Great product - does what it says - quick and easy!

Great app - love it - just open Safari (or Firefox or any other web browser) and punch in the WiFi HD ip address - and bingo - good stuff. To delete the files or folders created on the iPhone - just slide like you would to delete an email... perfect!!


Great app. Very useful and best of all, its free!


This is the best app i can use my ipod as a memory stick such a useful app and best of all its free


 very cool  it works  its free

Excellent !

Works exactly as described and free ! One of the best and most practical application avaible atm.


How do u transfer the files uploaded back to ur computer?

Cant delete!

Cant delete, cant access though Explorer, cant upload more than one at a time. Get Files Lite instead.

It does delete!!

It does delete you idiot! Same way as deleting an email. Slide to the left! Its free!!!!!


Very usefull and FREE!!!!!!!!



Amazing App

This app is so amazing. You connect to a wifi network, then on a computer that is connected to the same network open up your browser then type in the address the app gives you and bam it allows you to upload files onto your iphone/ipod touch wirelessly. Its a wireless flash drive!!! Best of all it is free. TO DELETE A FILE: you must use the app to delete a file not the browser, just slide your finger left over the file you want to delete and a delete box will appear. Then just click delete. A bit confusing.

Help anyone??

Great idea but does not work for me. I am not stupid I even forwarded my router but it still does nothing. I tried discovery lite and it worked abut better but still not perfect.

Works like a charm

There is no step 3! My only problem is that I didnt think of this myself!

Good app...

This is a good app for what it is designed to do. However, you can not view the files that you copy to the device. You must copy them to your computer in order to view them. Fixing this would make a 5-star app.

Need Help

Can someone tell me how to remove files once they have been put on the iPhone...


Can you use this to send a wifi signal to your PS3?

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